OptionsXpress Virtual Trade

Probably one of the best features of the OptionsXpress account for new traders as well as the seasoned market trading veterans is the ability to test your strategies and ideas in real time, absolutely risk-free before you put your hard earned money in the harms way with $25,000 in a Virtual Trade account.

If you're not a customer you can easily open an account to gain instant access to OptionsXpress Virtual Trade. Now that you're ready to start trading options, setting up your own OptionsXpress Virtual Trade Account will allow you to practice trading stocks, options and futures contracts without any financial risk and without spending real money. At OptionsXpress you can learn online trading with 100% FREE Virtual Trading!

Why OptionsXpress Virtual Trade

Virtual Trade from OptionsXpress is by far one of the best ways to learn the basics or sharpen your trading skills in a dynamic practice environment before you put any real cash on the line.

You can test your ideas and strategies to see how they would work with basic and advanced options tools under the actual market conditions. You can get a real feel for OptionsXpress options order screens as well as the trading resources that are included in the trading platform package.

The $25,000 that you will be given in your own dedicated FREE Virtual Trade account may not be real money, but the confidence and knowledge that you can take away from this experience are definitely extremely valuable to any trader regardless of their skill level and previous trading experience.

With OptionsXpress Virtual Trade you can get complete access to:

Real-time charts and quotes in order  to help you keep up with the financial markets.

State-of-the-art 40+ innovative trading tools incorporating the newest ideas and the most up-to-date features designed to help you find new opportunities in the financial markets.

Advanced orders such as trailing stops, triggered orders, one-cancels-other and future spreads.

Advanced order capability to help you implement and execute option trading strategies such as individual calls and puts, butterflies, backspreads, iron condors, and much more.

Online or Desktop Virtual Trading - All Online Virtual Trading activities are conducted on the secure easy to access web-based platform.

You are able to trade stocks, options, futures and much more in one simulated financially diverse online portfolio.

Free in-depth training is offered by the extensive Education Center at no cost to you.

OptionsXpress Free Virtual Trading Benefits

Best of all, you can Start Virtual Trading Today for FREE, build confidence for live trading and test your strategies in your Virtual OptionsXpress Trading Account without any financial risk.

OptionsXpress Virtual Trade lets you practice trading with a free $25,000 virtual trading account capital, use OptionsXpress trading tools, account screens and other resources to help you test different trading strategies in real time and gain experience without putting any money at risk. You can trade options, stocks, futures and more in your own risk-free virtual trade account.